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Finding Balance

In the home stretch of your career and looking for assistance with your financial plans as retirement looms closer; finding financial balance in your life

You’re in the home stretch of your career, and that’s exciting — but you’re not running quite as effortlessly as you’d imagined. The financial ties to your children aren’t entirely severed, and your aging parents are turning to you for answers as they strive to maintain their independence. You’re earning more than ever, but you haven’t ramped up your investing as much as you’d hoped — so you’re fretting about retirement.

If this sounds familiar, you’re probably concerned with Finding Balance in your financial life. And while there are no easy answers, Southport Bank can help.

As you take stock of the asset allocation of your portfolio and evaluate your position relative to your retirement plans, consider at what age you’d like to retire and the lifestyle you plan to have . . . will you travel, have a vacation home, take up an expensive hobby?  Project a budget keeping in mind that some costs, such as health insurance, may increase, and others, like your mortgage payment, will disappear.  Once you have estimated your living expenses, then estimate how much your assets will be worth at retirement, and how long they are likely to last.  You can do this with Southport Bank’s Retirement Calculator.  Also estimate your Social Security Income.  With all of this information at hand, you may want to review your current retirement contributions and make adjustments. 

Southport Bank can also help you Find Balance by reviewing your needs to re-allocate your assets, increase IRA contributions or set up a new annuity.  Please contact our Financial Advisors for more information. 

There are other ways Southport Bank can assist you with your financial position:

Tips for Effective Financial Management:

  • Become aware of opportunities to reduce your lifestyle costs, e.g., downsizing vehicles or your home may provide convenience while lowering the costs and time of maintenance.
  • Determine your financial priorities, make a wish list with deadlines and start accomplishing them.
  • Start the decision making process about where you want to live during retirement and figure in all of the associated costs.
  • Spend time doing what you plan to do at retirement to help yourself determine if you’re ready for the next step.

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