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Breaking Free

You always thought of retirement as the end of the financial race. But now you realize itís a beginning, too. And while itís exciting to finally have the freedom to pursue activities youíve always reserved for ďsome day,Ē youíve got to figure out how to generate the income to fund your new life ó and replace those benefits youíve left behind.

If this sounds familiar, youíre negotiating the challenges of Breaking Free. Itís more complicated than most people imagine. For as long as you can remember, youíve invested diligently toward your retirement with the goal of growing your assets. Now your focus is on protecting your nest egg and determining how much you can afford to withdraw every year.† Weíre here to help you by giving you the tools you need to manage your everyday finances.†

Our†money market accounts and†CDs may be ideal solutions for maintaining the flexibility and liquidity youíll need in retirement.†

Southport Bank offers†convenient services to help you day-to-day.† From our ATM/Debit card to electronic statements and bill payment options, we have a number of financial management tools to mix and match to help you make the most of your time in your retirement.

Maybe itís time to make some long-discussed home improvements.††† We can assist you with a†home equity line of credit.†

Summing it up

Retirement has been shimmering in the distance for so long that youíve almost come to think of it as an illusion.† But now itís here, and smart financial decisions can help you make the most of your resources.† To learn more about how we can help, please contact us at 262-942-1111 or at

Financial Calculators for Breaking Free


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