Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What services are available from Online Banking? learn more
You can review transactions and print statements, pay bills, and transfer funds between accounts. You can also select, sort and export transactions to personal financial management applications, such as, Microsoft Money or Excel and Intuit’s Quicken. Business accounts may need a more sophisticated online banking product geared towards larger businesses that provides additional options such as initiating ACH files and allows for more efficient management of your available funds. For more information contact our Customer Call Center at 262-942-1111.
Q: What are the system requirements to access Online Banking? learn more
Your Internet connection needs to be Internet Explorer version 6.0 (or above) to take full advantage of encryption (data scrambling) protection. If your system is not setup with the correct version of Internet software, you can download the appropriate version by going to (Lesser versions of your browser will not display all menu options nor will the encryption function properly).
Q: How much does Online Banking cost? learn more
Lifeline Basic Online Banking is free to any customer who maintains an account relationship with Southport Bank. Free bill payment services are available if you have a checking account.
Q: How do I sign up for Online Banking? learn more
Enrollment instructions for online banking can be found at our website or you can contact a Personal Banker at one of our branches or contact our Customer Call Center at 262-942-1111.
Q: How secure is Online Banking? learn more

At Southport Bank, we understand the importance of customer security. Protecting your information is our number one priority. We have selected a third party vendor to support this product that has an excellent reputation in the industry. They use the following security measures:

  • Encrypted Data
  • Passwords to Restrict Access
  • Multiple Layers of Firewall Devices

Data transmitted over the phone lines is scrambled using 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption. Please verify that a secure connection is established by looking for a picture of a lock (Microsoft Internet Explorer) in the lower portion of your screen. Without these symbols, you do not have a secure session. The online product has a “Security Statement” explaining in greater detail the various security procedures in place.

Q: What if I forget my password or want to change it? learn more
You will be allowed three attempts to access your account before it will be restricted for security reasons. If this occurs, contact our Customer Call Center at 262-942-1111 to reset your account and password during banking hours. After successfully logging into your account, you can change your password at any time by clicking the “change password” link.
Q: If I have a problem what should I do? learn more
Use the “contact” button on our website and email a description of your problem to us or call our Customer Call Center at 262-942-1111 during banking hours.
Q: How current is my account information? learn more
Transfers are immediate! Most of your transactions will be processed “real time” and reflected in the online banking systems immediately.
Q: What if I don’t see all of my accounts? learn more
It is possible that certain accounts in which you have signatory authority might be stored under a different name or tax identification number. Contact your Personal Banker to obtain a more detailed explanation.
Q: What happens if I try to pay a bill online and lack adequate funds? learn more
Bill payments will not be deducted from your account or paid unless there are sufficient funds present in your account on the scheduled payment date. You will receive a notice explaining a particular bill could not be paid and that alternate arrangements should be made.
Q: Is there a Cut-off Time? learn more
Yes- the agreement and the online summary screen states that transactions after 6:00 p.m. CST are posted in the next scheduled business day.
Q: Can I stop payment on a check online? learn more
No, for your own protection you will need to contact the bank immediately. Please come in to any branch or contact our Customer Call Center at (262) 942-1111 during banking hours.
Q: On a joint account do we both need to apply for a separate Online Banking account? learn more
To protect privacy, customers are only allowed to access accounts for which they have authorization. If you want both parties to access all of the same accounts, you will have to have both names listed as authorized signers to each account record at the bank. Please stop by any branch to request a change.
Q: Can I Make Additional Principal Payments On My Loan Account? learn more

Yes, when scheduling a "New Transfer" or doing an "Express Transfer" you can select the "Payment Type" to be any one of the following:

Regular Payment
Principal Payment
Escrow Payment

learn more


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