Cash Management Services

We want to help you succeed and managing your cash is the best way to do that. We offer a wide range of back office support to keep your business running smoothly.  Cash management products may be subject to credit approval.  See your account representative for details.

Account Reconciliation

Account reconciliation can consume a great deal of productive business time if done manually. The process of reconciling your bank account statements to your general ledger is among the most important accounting functions necessary to provide a clear and concise cash flow picture. We have reconciliation alternatives designed to eliminate errors and increase efficiency.

ACH Services

ACH services are a daily requirement for companies, non-profit associations, municipalities, and school districts, to concentrate their funds, create payroll direct deposits, pay vendors and debit customers for services. With our Business Online Banking system you can create a NACHA formatted file for Direct Deposit, Concentration and Tax Payments. If you wish to use your own accounting software to create a NACHA formatted ACH file, your files can be sent directly through our Online Banking system at the touch of a button with proper ID & Password. For additional information or to view a demo click here.

Commercial Loans

As your business grows, let us help you with your money needs for equipment purchases, working capital, or cash flow. We understand what makes a business work.

Business Online

Business Online Banking gives you “real time” on-line reporting of all transactions for your accounts and commercial loans 24-hours a day, 7-days a week! For additional information or view a demo click here.


Let us process your account receivables which will reduce your labor costs and give you faster access to your funds.

Merchant Card Processing

If your business currently accepts credit cards or you would like to start accepting them, as payment for your business service, you can save time and increase your cash flow by utilizing Southport Bank's Merchant Card Processing. Southport Bank works in conjunction with Wind River Financial to offer you the best payment processing solution. We will provide you with a customized price quote based on your businesses volume of monthly transactions and your average ticket price. If you would like more information regarding our Merchant Card Processing, contact a representative at (262-942-1111).


  • Competitive rates
  • Full line of credit card terminals and printers
  • Easy to read monthly statement
  • Automated touch tone credit card processing
  • Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Night Deposit

Eliminate the need to keep large cash amounts overnight in your business or home by using the night deposit before or after regular business hours.

Remote Deposit Capture

Ever have "one of those days" with no time to make it to the bank before they close? And then tomorrow someone calls in sick and your deposit waits for another day. With our new Remote Deposit Capture, you'll never have to worry about that again.

It's simple and easy to use right from your business in two easy steps:

  • Scan your check items
  • Create and send your electronic deposit
  • Collected funds will be deposited into your account the next day.

For more information click here

Southport Bank's Business Debit Card

Southport Bank's Business Debit Card helps you keep your business expenses separate from your personal purchases, while monitoring cost of merchandise or services.

Sweep Accounts

Reduce idle balances and eliminate the need for multiple transfers with our automatic Sweep Account. Collected funds move automatically between your Operating Account and an Investment Account to maximize interest income or a Line of Credit to reduce borrowing and interest expenses.

Wire Transfers

You can benefit from precise timing of payments as high dollar transactions can be transferred quickly maximizing the use of your funds. Repetitive wire transfers are also available.

Zero Balance Account

Keeping funds concentrated in a central account, while still benefiting from an audit trail, can easily be done with zero balance accounting. Maintain control over funds while maintaining flexibility.


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