Secure Online Banking

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Secure Online Banking

POSITIVE PAY — Southport Bank's Positive Pay helps protect your accounts from unauthorize electronic trnasactions.  Positive Pay is avaialble for both check and ACH transactions.

Business Online Banking — Southport’s Business Online Banking solution allows your business to manage its cash position. Includes the ability to initiate ACH transactions, wire transactions and access to the Remote Deposit Capture system.

Remote Deposit Capture — Process electronic deposits from the convenience of your business location.

ACH (Automated Clearing House) — ACH processing can reduce time and resources needed to prepare paper invoices, handle paper checks, and travel to the bank. Transactions can be made by uploading files built in your own software or utilizing our user-friendly software to build your files.

Lockbox — A collection and processing service that takes the work out of processing receivables and accelerates cash flow back to your business. Payments are directed to a dedicated postal box and processed for same day deposit.

sweeps — Optimize excess funds by automatically paying down lines of credit to reduce interest expense.

Merchant card services — Offer your customers the convenience of payment by credit card or debit card. Southport Bank and Wind River Financial offer competitive pricing and state-of-the-art processing technology.

Our program is designed to meet the needs of emerging and medium sized businesses. Getting started is easy and inexpensive. Contact Stephanie Bruneo at 262 577 2462 or