About Us

Southport Bank Mission, Vision & Value Statements

Our Mission:

To enhance the lives of our Stakeholders by:

  • Working with our Clients to achieve financial security,
  • Creating a work environment that provides advancement and growth for our Employees,
  • Making the Communities we serve economically stable and a better place in which to live and work,
  • Being a trusted and valued partner with our Vendors, and
  • Providing a superior long-term rate of return to our Shareholders.

Our Vision:

The vision of Southport Bank is to earn a significant market share in the communities we serve through ethical and responsible growth.

Our Values:

As an organization, we live by the following values:


  • Meaningful success can only be achieved with a high-quality, well-trained employee base that enjoys their jobs, are committed to the organization, receive trust and respect and are compensated appropriately.

Honesty & Integrity

  • Our work and decision making processes are guided by the principles of honesty and integrity.


  • Providing outstanding service and long-lasting returns to shareholders is an integral factor in our daily operations.


  • To serve our stakeholders at the highest level possible, we continually research and employ innovative products and technology.


  • We strive to achieve superior financial performance and exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.


Security Statement Disclosure

The hosting system where this web site is housed is an environmentally controlled server room that is monitored by on-site technicians 24 hours a day and physical access to the facility is restricted using biometric scans. Backup power is provided by generators in the event of a failure of the public electric grid with automatic fail-over to prevent any downtime due to power failure.

The sites are distributed across several servers for redundancy and are situated behind redundant firewalls for security. Full backups to tape are performed once a week and differential backups are done nightly. In addition, near-line backups are updated every 6 hours and can be put online in a matter of seconds. The sites use 256-bit exportable secure certificates to enable secure communication with the web servers.


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